Is Your Pond Swamped With Water Quality Issues?


Is your pond beginning to look — and smell — like a stagnant swamp? If your pond is emitting a foul odor or exhibits excessive algae growth, it’s time to call MC Aquatics. We offer residential and commercial pond maintenance services designed to improve the overall health and appearance of the pond. 

  • Aeration improves the health of your pond water. We can install an Aqua Master aerator to increase movement and add oxygen to the water. The oxygen will clean the water and create a healthy biological environment that allows fish to thrive.
  • Destratification is another way to increase the oxygen content of a body of water. If the bottom of your pond runs out of oxygen and can’t support animal and plant life, the health of your entire pond will suffer. Addressing this issue can improve the water quality of your lake or pond.

When you suspect that your pond or lake water needs help, call MC Aquatics for a free consultation to discuss lake or pond treatments. Call 


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